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We have all been inundated with the message emotional trauma and the often related downward spiral of negative thoughts and emotions that accompany it, is bad for your physical, emotional and spiritual health.  It leads to everything from depression and burn out to elevated blood pressure, adrenal fatigue and a whole slew of related diseases.  


Role of emotional trauma expressed as stress, fear and anxiety in the development of chronic disease

Emotional trauma is expressed as stress, fear and anxiety.  Emotional trauma triggers a similar “fight-or-flight” response in the body as that of a life-threatening stressor, fear and anxiety which stems from our natural response to perceived danger or stress.  Great mechanism if we were still roaming the savannas and there is the possibility of a menacing wild beast lurking behind every bush.  However, in our modern society where that type of physical danger tends to be limited, this mechanism can become problematic.  When the brain perceives a threat, the brain (as outlined above) triggers a cascade of neurotransmitters, chemicals and hormones that elicit changes within the body in order to prepare to either flee or fight. Unfortunately, the body is not that good at discriminating between something like hour house being on fire, or a constant feeling of unease, fear or anxiety.  Therefore, when emotional traumas are not processed and healed, the body stays in this “on” position, and starts to suffer. In the long run, this continual state of arousal systems causes the body’s immune system to “short-circuit”.


Short term strategies for dealing with negative thoughts and emotions

There are a couple of things you can do to stop that helps with stopping that downward spiral of fight-or-flight responses in its tracks and help to reduce stress, fear and anxiety.  One way is to re-describe the negative thoughts and emotions and below is a cheat sheet showing you how to do just that.


Re-describing Negative Emotions + Infographic - Praktijk Holistica Blog

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After I completed my studies, I worked as a PhD candidate and lecturer at the University of Groningen where, through a series of events and experiences, I rediscovered my first love – to help people on the mental, physical and spiritual level and thus, affect real and lasting healing and wellness within the individual. I say rediscovered because, even as a first-year student experiencing the painful journey of recovery from cancer my mother went through, I wanted to start my own holistic healing and wellness practice, specializing in holistic and complementary treatments aimed specifically for cancer patients. Therefore, I decided to finally pursue my dreams, my intuition and my heart, and thus Praktijk Holistica was born.

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